Thursday, January 22, 2009

The 21st Century Learner, You Tube videos

Thanks to Ron Weisenburger for sending me off to You Tube to see the first video linked in this blog. The second video I discovered while checking out associated videos.

Click the links to see what 21st Century Learners are looking for, what they are doing

Youth (and only youth??): 21st Century Learners.

Us: A View of 21st Century Learners

The inter connectivity we take for granted with the Internet and new technology tools is causing a profound cultural transformation. We assume the World Wide Web (www) means Whatever, Whenever, Wherever.

It affects us in our learning. It is the air our children breathe daily. It affects the clients we interact with as we coach and point to change.

It's about conversation. It's about the co-construction of information and knowledge. We are experts. Yes ....and No. We co-construct our most useful knowledge with our learning community, our clients, our peers, our gurus of expertise and experience.

It is about conversation. Knowledge management is about enabling really good conversations. If you are helping people engage in conversations, you are a knowledge manager.

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