Friday, September 12, 2014

Mack D. Male: Using Technology for Public Engagement

Mack D. Male, at

Mack D. Male has important things for you to learn about technology tools and public engagement

Mack D. Male is a well know blogger on urban affairs in Edmonton, Canada and a coach on the use of social media tools.

In a presentation to the Alberta Professional Planners Institute, Mack Male covers the technology and processes possible for public engagement. He reviews a number of engagements covering both the positives and pitfalls.

For planners, for politicians, for political scientists and sociologists interested in social media and its impact on public engagement, Mack Male is worth a listen. His presentation is broken down into two 20 minute videos.

As one of Canada's leading advocates of new approaches to urban affairs who walks his talk (see Mack's website on Food Truck's in Edmonton, What the Truck?!), Mack is unique in that he deeply understands the tools and has closely observed and practiced the public engagement arts.

If you want to understand what technology can do in our public discussions, it is worth spending 40 minutes with Mack D. Male

Mack D. Male was chosen by Alberta Venture Magazine in 2010 as one of Alberta’s Next 10 Most Influential People. 

Part 1: Using Technology for Public Engagement

Part 2: Using Technology for Public Engagement

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